Now offering a variety of stylish home décor items right to your door! 

Get new items for every season with our new line of subscription boxes!


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Seasonal Boxes

Have your home ready for every season with our quarterly subscription boxes. Update your style with new décor delivered straight to your home!

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Our Mission

Enjoy hand-picked items by us based on your own style preferences! We also make it our goal to feature local artists in each of our boxes to help support small businesses! Every small box makes a big difference!

Subscription Box

How to Subscribe

Take our short quiz so we can personalize your box how you want it.

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Receive new boxes styled for you every season, it's as simple as that!

What you could see in your box...

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Home Decor

Seasonal Box


Our traditional subscription box consisting of a little bit of everything! This box includes items catered to your style, for every room in the house! Get seasonal boxes throughout the year to freshen up your home!

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Living Room Box


This box is catered to all your living room needs! Items can include coffee table décor, throw blankets, pillows, candles, vases and so much more!

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Bedroom Box


This box is perfect for those who find comfort in the little things. All of our décor items in this box are meant to bring comfort and joy to the bedroom. Items may include blankets, pillows, candles, bedside table décor, art work and more!

Image by Kerri Shaver

Kitchen Box


Food isn't the only thing that needs spice! This box is perfect for those who love to organize and spend time in their kitchen. Items this box may include vases, jars, table décor, organizational items, hand towels and more!